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Sand maker make artificial sand replace natural sand

    In recent years the domestic infrastructure being carried out, because of the lack of resources, natural sand in domestic construction situation, has been in short supply, demand is increasing form. Our sand maker professionally produce construction sand, the future of market is bright. Sand maker is used in production building sand and stone.Than the traditional sand maker efficiency greatly ascend, and realize perfect sand maker.It can make all kinds of rocks and sand, pebble into various granularity in building sand, sand grain size uniformity, high crushing strength, far more than natural sand, common hammer type play sand machine production of sand is more suitable to construction requirement, more can improve the construction quality. This sand maker is reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation, high working efficiency.Accelerate the sand maker rise. Because of the lack of natural sand, manufactured sand has already replace natural sand, so the new development of sand maker is necessary.
     Our sand maker is the most fit to crusher hard stones ligh high granite, pebbles, pebble, high hard ore processing, some hardness can be up to eight or nine grade level, with the hammer head, we have for the most hard pebble developed a more hard pebble system sand hammer head, raw materials high chromium alloy, add copper, and nickel and other elements, make hammer head more durable more wear-resisting.This type of sand maker crush through the original design, the new technology, this let us into the mechanism of sand production line again on a big step into another new field.


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