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> The Yifan sand production line equipment to make a great contribution to China Hydropower Engineering industry

The Yifan sand production line equipment to make a great contribution to China Hydropower Engineering industry

A combination of crushing and shaping the Ministry of Scientific Research of Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Sand production line , from wet processing to dry or semidry environment-friendly production processes , with broken than large , nesting sand plants gradation , uniform gradation continuous sand production rate , to achieve a low input, low operating costs and significant economic and social benefits .

With the rapid development of hydropower cause , the demand for artificial aggregates , and the hydropower project is a very high technical content of Construction Engineering , the requirements of the artificial aggregates is very high , according to the status quo , Zhengzhou sail from hydropower projects in all aspects of safety, quality , engineering and other factors to consider , advanced artificial aggregates production process has been a long-term efforts in artificial sand production line and the pursuit of goals .Under the premise of hydropower engineering Sand production line , how to make the investment more economical to run more economical , environmental protection is better , the comprehensive benefits of better technology program , Yifan company has been adhering to the principle of continuous improvement of equipment , make all the adjustment .

In equipment technology through continuous technology upgrades on the Sand , from the beginning of the PCX series impact crusher , development to gravel shaping the PCS Series impact crusher designed for the hydropower project to provide high quality sand and gravel aggregate compared with traditional equipment under the same power output of crusher to improve 30% and stable unique feed broken structure , with a variety of crushing chamber type , you can easily achieve "rock stone " and "stone blacksmith conversion, so as to solve the problem of a multi-purpose machine . On this basis , Zhengzhou Yifan Germany to introduce the latest technology to develop a new efficient crushing machine , with all three of the impact crusher crushing mode in one of the latest generation of products has a number of independent patent property rights .

In the sand process , in view of the requirements of the hydropower project on the sand and invest less , low running costs and environmental requirements of truly crushing industry, " and more broken less grinding" grinding " to break the generation of energy-saving drop sand is a very important new technology, as the consumption of artificial sand equipment , how to choose good , sand usually are in the hard rock -based design , so the material hardness and wear nature to do a full understanding, and select the appropriate models .The works of another Sand stone broken stone or stone on the impact of the steel liner plate , and the stone blacksmith crushing effect to be much larger than the stone stone crushing . Limit the impact of different materials to achieve crushing is different, the impact can be obtained by crushing the line speed of the rotor , for different materials need to select the crusher .
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