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How to choose a high-quality sand production line?

With the rapid development of high-speed rail , highways and other infrastructure construction around the world has also led to high-speed rail and other infrastructure construction -related industries , rapid follow-up , Take the High Speed  construction required for the production of sand and gravel aggregate how to produce sand and gravel aggregate needed for the building of high-speed rail ? We recognize that the crusher and sand production line is a very key thing , so far , the use of which sand and gravel production equipment, road construction to achieve the best results , provide some reference .

Quarries in the rational allocation of sand production line , note the following:

Matching performance . From the vibrating feeder to the final product , each one broken equipment must be produced in equal , this can save money . For example, you use a small jaw crusher , followed by a counterattack break , then uncoordinated counter-attack to break the remaining , more waste , if you use a large jaw crusher followed by a counterattack broken behind the same can not keep up , resulting in the stacker , but also waste .So before and after must ensure that each device just to achieve their maximum production capacity , but also coordinated . This requires the configuration of sand production line staff have a comprehensive understanding of the sites , stone size ratio .

Practical and effective investment . The same yield of production lines, equipment prices is a big difference . But most of the high price of the equipment operating costs relatively low . This first purchase the equipment according to their actual ability . Money can select a high-performance equipment . No money on the choice of low performance earned money back to equipment .

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery sand production line equipment of the three major performance advantages:

A wider range of application , successfully used in the processing of limestone, basalt , granite , cobblestone , broken rock , broken quality of the finished product fully meet GB14685 - 2001 standard , provides qualified for the higher road, rail , water , concrete mixing plant industries aggregate.

Fully automated operational processes , higher production efficiency , optimize work efficiency , high degree of automation , large crushing ratio , high efficiency , large handling capacity was cube -shaped , broken products , low flakiness content , without internal cracks , engage in the pressure high .

More convenient to maintain operation mode, as opposed to the other production line equipment, equipment maintenance is simple , wearing parts using the latest high strength wear-resistant materials , loss of small , long life , can bring considerable economic benefits for our customers .
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