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> How effective maintenance of sand production line ?

How effective maintenance of sand production line ?

Sand production line of equipment used to crushing plant , sand making equipment , sand washing equipment , screening equipment , etc. . Sand production line equipment maintenance , but no matter what his maintenance of the system are the same .

Sand production line of three maintenance mechanisms:

First: we must learn to learn from experience, establish and improve the mandatory maintenance system.
Regular maintenance of the original implementation of system reform . Sand system equipment maintenance is no longer in use by large the repair interval for the decisions of one , two, three maintenance system , maintenance of species shall be determined in accordance with the equipment, the actual operation time interval required for the maintenance and inspection items .

Second: To raise awareness, a clear system of sand production line equipment to force the principle of maintaining

The so-called mandatory maintenance , timing is mandatory for maintenance must be carried out to firmly construction nervous without arrange a time , not to arrange for maintenance . To carry out the modern management education, leaders at all levels and the vast majority of equipment workers understand : Sand production line equipment in good order and service life , to a large extent determined by the quality of maintenance work .Sand production line equipment maintenance , such as neglect , the needs and convenience of the immediate , until Sand mechanical equipment can not operate when disabled, will inevitably lead to early wear and tear of equipment , shorten the life span of various materials consumption increased , and even endanger the safety in production . Maintenance of equipment not in accordance with the provisions of the use of boorish , ignorant management , runs counter to the scientific management of modern enterprises .

Third: Use good machinery and equipment and maintenance products :
Good protection products can improve the operating efficiency of the sand making production line equipment and use of life , for example, some good lubricants , wetting grease protective agent .
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