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> Yifan Machinery Sand production line to promote the rapid development of high-speed rail construction

Yifan Machinery Sand production line to promote the rapid development of high-speed rail construction

With the rapid development of world economy , the quickening pace of life , apparently became the people more and more fancy stuff . High-speed railway construction to speed up the transport speed of the traffic , according to the current economic situation , we can see , the development of high-speed rail and other transportation facilities is the inevitable development of the global economy . Not only China, other countries of the world are actively developing the cause of the high-speed rail , the 2012 high-iron construction boom Yifan Machinery Sand production line will be the rapid development of high-speed rail construction to make an important contribution .

 Railway construction can not be hurried to the quality of the main . From raw materials to start construction of the railway should make strict quality supervision mechanism . From the perspective of raw materials , railway building needs a lot of aggregate as a filler , sand and gravel materials you will need the support of the crushers and other processing equipment . Given the recent spate of railway construction , railway construction of concrete aggregate grain type , level with a higher demand , therefore, be reasonable in the selection of equipment configuration .

The stone is generally used in the construction of high-speed rail is the strength of basalt, basalt , more than seven times stronger than ordinary stone . With compressive crushing value , corrosion resistance , wear resistance , low water absorption , poor conductive properties , asphalt adhesion characteristics , railways, highways, airports , docks , municipal engineering , construction is internationally recognized as the most good stone . Zhengzhou Zhongyi Mining Machinery Co. , Ltd. Sand production line high degree of automation , the entire production line in addition to the boot shutdown and routine maintenance of equipment , processes , and almost no manual .

Its high production efficiency , low operating costs, production , earnings are high, uniform particle size of the finished stone , grain shape is good , in line with the national high-speed material requirements . Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Sand production line device configuration based on the customer to determine the stone specifications , as well as the use of yield and stone , Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery to provide pre-sales, sale , sale of full-service , based on customer production site configuration process , and strive to the most reasonable for our customers , the most economical production line in 2011 construction of the project to bring more and more economical profits and benefits for our customers .
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