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> The Yifan mechanical for you to create the most economical and reasonable Sand production line

The Yifan mechanical for you to create the most economical and reasonable Sand production line

Under normal circumstances, a full set of Sand product line equipment includes vibrating feeder, jaw crusher , impact crusher , vibrating screen , belt conveyor , centralized electronic control devices such as the composition ; processing for different customer needs , but also with cone crusher , dust removal equipment . For many stones factory or quarry , eager to configure a set of sand production line, and then how to configure it ?

Preferred to distinguish the type of to be broken stone , the stones are generally divided into the hard limestone , granite , basalt , river gravel , and so on . Bluestone , limestone , hardness and brittle , jaw crusher , crusher and hammer crusher . If it is granite, basalt stone , cone crusher and impact crusher .

Second, look at the yield, yield less than 100 tons regarded as small and medium-sized Sand product line. The general configuration as follows: 30 090 +57 jaw crusher feeder +1010 crusher +1848 or 1548 shaker , sieve layer configuration according to the material requirements .

The last should be the equipment prices . Customers must first understand that a price of a cargo , to understand that the formal machinery and production equipment costs have been high , and after-sales service and general machinery can not compare . If the customer is only the cheap , the final quality of a problem or production without achieving the desired objectives, is equal to the investment failed .

Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Sand product line equipment of the production of high degree of automation , only one person can operate ; its high production efficiency , low operating costs , production , income , finished stones uniform particle size , grain shape is good , in line with the national high-speed materials requirements. Zhengzhou Yifan mechanical engineer with the production line , stand in the position of the customer , equipped with a reasonable economic production line , allowing customers to low-input , high-yield .

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