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> Sand making equipment in the production line in the sand and the application of Note

Sand making equipment in the production line in the sand and the application of Note

Yifan Machinery sand production line mainly jaw crusher , sand making equipment, the the the Yifan engineers provide customers with Sand use and Cautions way .Sand and power unit should be installed firmly . If the sand making long-term, fixed operations, it should be fixed in cement on the basis of ; if Sand is a mobile operating unit should be installed in the base unit made of angle iron , and to ensure that the power machine ( diesel engine or electric motor ) and sand machine pulley groove is rotating in the same plane .

(1) Do not replace the pulley to prevent the excessive speed of the grinding chamber to produce an explosion , or low speed impact of Sand 's work efficiency .

(2) Sand start idling 2 ~ 3min , there is no anomaly after the feeding .

(3) Sand installation after inspection departments fasteners fastening , if loose to be tighten . The same time to check the belt tightness is appropriate.

(4) Sand start before hand to rotate the rotor , check the tooth claw hammer and rotor operation is flexible and reliable , with or without shell collision phenomenon , whether the direction of rotation of the rotor machine arrow refers the same direction , the power machine and sand lubrication is good.

(5) Sand 's work, we should pay attention to the functioning of the feed should be evenly to prevent blocked stuffy car , not a long work overload . If it is found that vibration, noise , bearing the body temperature is too high , out spray material and so on, should be shut down immediately check troubleshooting before they can continue to work .

(6) Sand system equipment is widely used in river gravel, limestone sand areas, the Yifan sand equipment first-class quality , service and other various aspects of technical support and reliable , users are welcome to visit our company .
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