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Sand and gravel production line broken equipment classification

Sand production line , also known as stone production line, sand making production line produced is often said sand . The production line equipment including hopper, vibrating feeder, jaw crusher , impact crusher , sand making machine and vibration screen and other equipment .

Sand production line , broken is divided into several sub- combination unit is installed to catch up with the end of the two vehicles may be a truck or tractor . A broken ( thick broken ) jaw crusher , diesel generator sets . After primary crushing of products , together with hopper screen from the board by the fall BU materials , conveyor belt connected directly into the shaker screening classification .Qualified products Zou by conveying the glue . Special unloading stacker at big product specifications of materials , from two broken jaw crusher , vibrating screen surface directly into the broken things Conan back to the feed conveyor and Oh turn the elevator again sent to be graded with the shaker . So the cycle operation , the district to achieve the product specifications saw . Sand and gravel equipment, crushing and screening devices productivity j50 ~ 70t / h. Human type associated gravel equipment device production rate of 100 200t / h .

Of domestic YPS60 mobile crushing and screening spring loaded by the two crushers ( jaw ) l The master belt conveyor , with the feed belt conveyor discharge belt conveyor and a saliva -type inertial shaker to form , the application of advanced road works , large bridges and buildings, railways and other departments , towel -type quarry workers point changing the productivity of 160t / h , the product material grain hole in three sizes , according to user requirements change .

Crushing screening from the artificial sand and natural sand by sand mining equipment , must be flush , grading, dewatering, to remove dirt and impurities can use as a concrete orthopedics . To this end Road is often used sand washing machine . More types of sand washing machine , such as spiral sand washing machine , chain , sand washing machine , grit box . Spiral classifier , hydraulic classifier, wind grading machine and so can be used as sand washing machinery . Commonly used sand washing machine , sand washing machine for spiral . The Nang spin grader model significance .The Nang spin grader model significance . When the rotation of the spiral blade bays 6 1l , sand put into the discharge port 9 . The bottom and the upper pipe l and 2 spray rinse water to wash the sand . This sand washer machine slot horizontal tilt of 18 , the discharge port of the top slot in the machine ( high end ) , the bottom of the bays of the sedimentation tank . Screw axis bearings at both ends of the bays and housing support . Send the pipes can be injected into the bays 0.10 .0.15 MPa water to rinse the sand production . Rinsed off the mud , debris and other debris gathered in the lower precipitation tank . Abuse bus tP, clean sand I from the population of unloading debate unloading .
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