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The key role of the Sand Maker product line

Now a lot of high-rise buildings and a number of key projects in the field of construction are not able to use natural sand , so greatly increased social demand for artificial sand , Sand Maker product line sand making equipment plays an irreplaceable role . Meanwhile, in order to protect the environment , sand making production line also played a very important role .

At present, the use of building stone are mostly gravel Sand broken river gravel and mountain stone processing , artificial .

This to some extent the cost is relatively high . Sand Maker product line system sand degrees relative to the more traditional natural sand , regardless of grain type or class with a reasonable degree , have been entirely possible alternative , especially for large - scale use of sand , can be said that , as concrete mortar , etc. the basic materials of construction sand , sand production line sand application is already irreplaceable way .

Another advantage of the sand making production line is in the building materials market plays an irreplaceable role , which is inseparable from his own characteristics , the construction industry , although this is to some extent, changed the living conditions of people's lives . At the same time, however, broken the social environment is not to be ignored .The negative impact has become a new environmental problems , according to statistics , construction waste emissions to about 10% of the total municipal waste , these wastes are often also with the general garbage Also, access to the city waste disposal systems , increase the processing burden on the municipal solid waste , so, if the building waste recycling , we can solve the garbage problem of construction waste , but also the inevitable trend of social development .

A lot of Practice has proved that the mechanism sand is possible is also necessary , through the inputs of the sets of sand production line equipment , we have can be expected that construction waste is also used for artificial sand .Because the manufacturing process of artificial stone and artificial sand is essentially the same . Only the granularity of the stone is relatively sand bit , but if PCL Vertical shaft impact crusher for further processing , then , the stone is completely can be turned into sand and for construction use , but the practice has proved , through the system sand sand mechanism whether it is coupled from the level or quality relative to the natural sand a lot better , sand production line to manufacture gravel material to the development of construction waste , so that both cost savings , but also can play protect the environment , this is a new era of development needs , but also the inevitable development of the times .

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