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Sand Maker product line for normal working conditions

The composition of the Sand Maker product line equipment , Sand Maker product line normal working hours and the water temperature , oil temperature , oil pressure and fuel pressure to meet the requirements . Beneficiation equipment , pipe fittings, valves, plugs , gaskets , oil seals , toothed roll crusher water seal , and the combination of surface pads is complete and in good condition , combined with tight , not leaking , do not leak , watertight . Noise in line with provisions of GBn259 . Method for determination in accordance with the provisions of GB 1859 .

Sand production line is not some kind of specific equipment, but a series of equipment composed of a whole production line . Sand students line it works: First stone transported by conveyor to a jaw crusher , jaw crusher broken after being sent to the Impact Sand further broken sand , by the shaker is too large sand filter , and then in the sand washing machine to wash the gravel powder in the soil or other materials , the final out of the finished sand .

Stable cyclone to the mine pressure . Ore pressure because the amount of ore pressure directly affect the handling of the cyclone and grading of grain size , the greater the higher the slurry flow rate , the greater the amount of the handling of the cyclone , the slurry in the cyclone rotation speed and centrifugal force the classification of finer granularity . Make sure the classification granularity requires a certain amount of pressure corresponding pressure is too large grit mixed with the fine increased , the pressure is too coarse-grained mixed with small overflow increased , this will lower the grade efficiency .

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