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Sand and gravel production line management system

  To help customers extend the life of the sand and gravel production line equipment, while ensuring the orderly and safe production site.Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery experts toshare your stone production line equipment management system are as follows:

1, the normal operation of the gravel in the construction of production line equipment, they must must establish a fixed operation of the hand plane. To the implementation of personal responsibility, time shift, regular inspection maintenance, in order to ensure thenormal operation of machinery, machine operators are not allowed sick job.

 2, sand and gravel production line of various machinery and equipment purchased(including updates overhaul) should have the technical manuals, factory certificate, safe operation, run the Resume information and proper safety devices, protective measuresbefore the purchase and use.

3, sand and gravel production line equipment must arrange for staff management, depreciation, maintenance, overhaul, mechanical registration, amortization accounting,management of mechanical equipment and machinery and equipment expenses.

4, sand and gravel production line equipment grounding then zero to be solid and reliable, and that he should be set to leakage, power protection devices, requires good insulation to ensure that machinery and personal safety.

As sand and gravel production line equipment installation and commissioning, whererequired to the mechanical update, modification overhaul, shall be approved by thedepartment of mechanical power. Acceptance of installation units and individuals shouldbe attended in conjunction with departmental officers, and the use of units or operatingsafety technical disclosure check before acceptance.
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