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Solution to the problem of Sand Maker product line often

Front Yifan Machinery to share with you one on Sand blockage solution , Yifan Machinery today often Sand production of new solutions to the problems of a summary . Happen for sand and Sand Maker product line, mineral processing equipment improvements, and a newly designed device alternative care with parallel roller .

The new type of care with device consists of two small roller, nylon elastic ring belt and stand composition . Entrusted with the device at the end set up fixed 2 small roller role Ring nylon with 2 small roller bracket with tensioning device , thus composition Entrusted with the device . The devices were installed in the rib tape two skirts from the prop to support the backhaul segment tape . Skirts no direct contact with the small roller , but with contact with the nylon contact area, and to overcome the skirt embedded into the phenomenon of the roller .

Punching sieve surface of the sieve were round , while the woven screen surface is a rectangular hole and square hole . But its drawback is easy to make a long strip , flaky mineral particles through the sieve, so that non-uniform particle size . Select the mesh shape is best consistent with the shape of the material . The bulk material should be used to the square hole plate materials should be used rectangular hole sieve size and granularity Press relation : where d - the maximum particle size of the screen under the product , mm: a - sieve dimensions , mm : k - coefficient of a circular hole of 0.7 square hole of 0.9 , rectangular hole 1.2 to 1.7 .

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