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> The Yifan mechanical Sand Maker product line in the sand making machine works

The Yifan mechanical Sand Maker product line in the sand making machine works

Sand Maker product line equipment Impact Sand works :Massive ore from the hopper to fall into the crushing cavity dumped material on the disk , with the rejection of the centrifugal force of the reel material thrown to the cylinder wall , the violent collision with the back plate of the inner wall of the processing equipment is installed , while the materials with each other the ore was spiral whereabouts after the crash , broken or generate a large number of hairline cracks , then the material into the conical rotor cavity in the cone-shaped space , stamping, extrusion , so that the crack is further broken.

When the rotary kiln ( rotary kiln ) eating touched Y1 switch , hydraulic system began to eat the action, the hydraulic system to eat one minute , stop 4 minutes , then repeat to eat one minute to stop the action of 4 minutes , until the kiln tire ring touch to Y5 position . The kiln began to eat , the hydraulic system pressure relief two minutes , stop 4 minutes , then repeat the action . Eat until the kiln body touches to the Y1 position . Repeat the above process either . Stop the action of the hydraulic system , the internal pressure is the same.

Yifan mechanical front-line engineers designed and developed by quarrying equipment for sand and gravel production line made an outstanding contribution , the Yifan mechanical quality service has won a good reputation . We also provide users with the most convenient conditions of use , purchase , purchase accessories , come to , letters, calls can be made to abide by the contract , timely delivery and implementation of three bags . Where to purchase the products of our company , our company assist the purchaser free site design process , on-site civil engineering guidance , equipment installation , trial production , Daipei technical series . I hope you into the "Yifan Machinery " , in cooperation to realize our ideas .

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