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> Filter sub- process of the loose sand maker product line equipment

Filter sub- process of the loose sand maker product line equipment

The loose sand maker product line equipment to stone the size of different mixed sand production line equipment , single or multi - machine is divided into a number of different levels of granularity , a process known as filter points . Loose system of filter sand production line equipment , can be seen as two stages :

(1) Easy to wear the stone of the filter holes through the filter holes .

(2) Easy to wear the stone of the filter hole combination can not wear a filtering stone composed of sand making production line equipment layer arrive filter surface .

For these two phases can be achieved , sand maker product line equipment in the surface of the filter should have the appropriate movement , on the one hand the material of the filter surface layer is loose love , the device layer of sand production line will produce analysis from (according to granularity hierarchical ) . Large stone in the upper stone is located in the lower deck within easy reach of the filter surface , and through the filter holes . Sand production line equipment and machinery movement , on the other hand , have all contributed to blocking the filter holes of stone from the filter surface , the stone through the filter hole .

The practice shows that the grain size of sand maker product line equipment is less than the filter hole 3/ 4 stone, through the gap formed by the coarse-grained sand production line equipment is easy to reach the filter surface to the filter surface , it quickly through the filter holes . This stone is called "easy to filter particles . Sand production line equipment filter particle size make a big hole 3/4 stone , coarse-grained composition of the gap is more difficult , the diameter of this stone is more close to the size of the filter selected , the greater the degree of difficulty it through the filter hole , therefore , this kinds of stone called "difficult to filter particles , mineral particles through the filter hole probability theory below for illustration .

Filter sub- process is the many complex phenomena and factors , the process is not easy in mathematical form to describe here only discuss the relationship between stone size and the filter pore size filter points , and assuming some ideal conditions (eg aggregates vertically into the filter hole ) , the stone through the filter hole probability formula .
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