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What is sand production line ?

Sand Maker product line is a production of construction sand and stone , specialized equipment, the Yifan Heavy Sand Maker product line equipment is reliable, reasonable design , convenient operation , high efficiency , energy-saving than traditional sand making 50% . Artificial Sand Maker product line through the feeder , jaw crusher , crushing , respectively into the (sand making machine hit the crusher ) through the vibration screening level required a variety of specifications stone , sand through the efficient sand washing machine get what you demand for the finished sand .It can be made ??from a variety of rocks, gravel , river gravel in the building to go along with a variety of particle size of sand , sandy uniform particle size , high strength , than natural sand , the sand of the ordinary hammer sand production more building requirements that can enhance the quality of construction .

The sand and gravel production line is defined according to the type of the material , the production of finished products including stone and sand, also known as aggregates production line . Equivalent to a combination of stone production line and sand production line . Raw materials in road construction, construction plant, and often require sand and gravel material public production line , this set of aggregates production line equipment will be able to meet the needs of the stone and artificial sand at the same time production requirements .

Sand and gravel production line processes introduced (stone production line )
Stone sent to the jaw crusher consists of vibrating feeder evenly rough broken , crude after the bursting of the materials fed by belt conveyor to the sand making machine is further broken , after crushing the material to be transported to the vibrating screen sieve . materials to achieve the finished size requirements into the sand washing machine cleaning , cleaning , shall be finished by the finished product conveyor output ; does not meet the finished size requirements of materials returned from the shaker sand re- processing, the formation of closed-circuit repeatedly cycle . Finished Size according to the needs of users to be combined and graded . If you choose dry production process, can be equipped with the thickness of the powder separator and dust removal equipment .

The simple process : stone production line process is roughly as follows: ( silo ) -> Vibrating Feeder - jaw crusher - > Impact Crusher -> shaker - > (finished stone) , the middle of each device to the chute or belt conveyor is connected .

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