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> Dust collector is a very wide application in Sand Maker product line

Dust collector is a very wide application in Sand Maker product line

Sand Maker product line , stone by the feeder evenly sent to the coarse crusher preliminary broken , and then the crude material production into transportation by belt conveyor to the secondary crusher ( Impact crusher , hammer crusher ) the next step crushing , crushing stone into the shaker sieving out the stones of different specifications , to meet the size requirements of the stones sent to the finished product stockpile by the finished tape conveyor ; does not meet the size requirements of the stones by belt conveyor machine to return materials sent to crusher broken again , form a closed circuit repeatedly cycle . Finished Size can be combined and graded according to the needs of users and to protect the environment , can be equipped with auxiliary dust removal equipment .

(1)The most important is the protection of the individual , are paying particular attention to dust pollution and how to reduce personal protection .

(2)Open pit mines transport dust during transport vehicles dust is the main dust source of the quarries . Transport dust control measures : before loading to the ore and rock with water , sprinkle the ore in the process of unloading ore at the set spray device ; strengthen the road surface maintenance, reduce vehicle transport ; the main transport routes should be asphalt or concrete pavement ; mechanized sprinkler regular watering of the car to the road or to the water add a wetting agent to improve the effect of dust . Spray the dust suppression of dust suppressants can also use the sprinkler , the main component of dust suppressants for moisture absorption and polymer adhesive can absorb moisture to form a dust layer , and also to improve the quality of the road .

(3)Take a variety of dust control measures , in most cases , the dust concentration can meet health standards , but there are still a small amount of fine dust suspended in the air , underground personnel must wear a dust mask . This is a comprehensive dust control measures indispensable to the very important measures .

(4)Perforated shovel operating dust . Stone mining process used to reduce dust pollution . Perforation operations take wet operations . Large rock drill can be used to catch dust device dust . Shovel the ore and rock dust can be taken to the dustfall dust sprinkler .

(5)Crusher dust can be taken to the closed dust source , ventilation and dust removal method to remove dust . Simple process, high degree of mechanization can be used to remote control, in order to further reduce and eliminate the chance of workers exposed to dust .

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