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> Sand Maker product line takes full advantage of the excellent features of the Sand

Sand Maker product line takes full advantage of the excellent features of the Sand

Sand maker is the most commonly used in cement works sand equipment in the production process , the quality of the finished sand and the sand of fineness modulus to achieve the ultimate requirements , most of human experience or sample by drying , sieving , weighing and other methods of discrimination , this old way , on the one hand, rely on the quality of the artificial rule of thumb that the sand , they pass from person to person , a great error , unreliable ; the other hand , sample weighing , determination of accurate , measured for a long time , not at any time feedback control , and add artificial workload .

With the increasing demand of the sand making machine , sand making the standard , higher demands , Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focuses on taking into account the quality of automatic control of the sand , to strengthen the control system on the Sand research work.

New sand making process for the semi- legal system sand , completely changed the traditional sand process with high energy consumption , high water consumption , dust pollution and other defects , " to break the grinding" process of new sand to the quality of the finished sand stability , the production of sand and gravel aggregate flakiness content , grain shape, full , grading , does not produce off -level , finished sand fineness modulus , dust content and moisture content of the technical requirements to achieve concrete aggregate system production requirements, aggregate production will be tobring some major changes .

Sand Maker product line , sand making machine is not completely replace the crushing machine , first introduced the process of Sand Maker product line , First Feeding →  jaw crusher for primary crushing by vibrating feeder and vibrating screen after screening belt conveyor for impact crusher broken material handling to counterattack crusher or cone crusher broken again , and finally by the belt conveyor material handling Sand or particle size small enough time , can be directly followed by a vibrating screen , screen minutes after the particles after the cleaning effect of the sand washing machine , you can use as a finished product .If the stones , then , have according to customer requirements jaw crusher and crusher broken stone vibrating screen elect qualified materials .

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