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How can the proper and safe operation of the new Sand

As Sand Maker plant technology continues to improve , the market continue to emerge out of the new sand plants products , showing a lot of problems for the operation of the new sand making machine operator before starting , you must check all lubrication points . whether there is enough grease of the lubrication points , connecting bolts must be tightened to increase prison , the doors must be fastened close the gap between the rotor plate hammer and the back plate is appropriate .
Start the motor , the machine was operating normally , you can begin slowly and evenly feeding . Stop functioning , we must first stop feeding , drained of all the materials of the cavity to be machine , in order to stop the motor . Should always check the board hammer wear and replacement in a timely manner to avoid the rotor body by abrasion , static balance check , shall replace the plate hammer .

Front Yifan Machinery to share : " Mining blasting should pay attention to what issues ? " , the following stresses the use of under the new Sand A few notes: feed particles in strict accordance with the requirements to prohibit greater than the specified materials into the Sand , otherwise , it will cause imbalance of the impeller and the impeller excessive wear, the base to cause clogging impeller channel and center feeding tube , so sand making machine is not working properly , and found large feed should be immediately removed .High efficiency sand making machine and conveyor equipment startup sequence : nesting → ??Sand → feed Sand must be no-load start, before feeding the sand making machine is operating normally . Stop order is contrary to the boot sequence . Strive to feed the continuous and uniform . The nesting device stopped moving in time to stop feeding , otherwise, will result in crushed impeller, and burnt motor .Machine lubrication lubrication for dry oil lubrication , the use of Mobil car premium greases , dosage is 1/2-2/3 of the bearing cavity , sand making each work a group , add the right amount of grease . Sand running process , without the intense vibration and abnormal noise , otherwise, stop and check .

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