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> Sand Maker and other mining machinery in 2012 exports will be sustained growth

Sand Maker and other mining machinery in 2012 exports will be sustained growth

In recent years, many Sand Maker plant, Sand Maker Manufacturer actively explore the scope of business to achieve a high degree of integration with the international market . Cutting - edge technical information and large-scale high-tech talent and quality resources were introduced to China , broaden the vision of domestic enterprises , a number of competitive high-end manufacturers .

From the characteristics of foreign markets , the different needs of various types of sand plants , sand making machinery exports will be continued selling the continuous upgrading of technology will bring an endless stream of new products on the market , so there will not be absolute market saturation , our domestic enterprises need to do is familiar with the foreign mode of operation, increase investment in technology research and development , the formation of fixed brand image and advantages , and only continue to improve product value-added , to form the foreign equipment for of competitive advantage by virtue of the domestic labor and lower cost , but also has a strong price advantage .

The modernization of the country has created a vigor of the machinery and equipment manufacturing , especially in large projects more crusher equipment needs, and stimulate business R & D and innovation . Countries from the perspective of economic construction, stability and market discipline , encourage enterprises to conduct independent R & D and innovation , has a large crusher, high-end crusher run stability , low cost, to fill the traditional lack of equipment , on the one hand, to meet the domestic market demand , on the other hand , against the national and foreign scientific and technological competitiveness .

2012 Yifan mechanical sand crushers , mining machinery and scientific research and technology continue to improve to a good route to the export trade , and the opportunities and challenges co - exist , how to take advantage of such opportunities and challenges to achieve the upgrading and transformation of the enterprise or will become a hot topic of the export sector .

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