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> The key to the development of high-tech domestic mining equipment industry

The key to the development of high-tech domestic mining equipment industry

Slow disorderly competition of the domestic market and industry product updates , technology upgrading cycle length constraints are the key to the development of mining machinery industrySand Crusher  , how to make this industry rapidly to enhance product value and enhance the technical content in order to bring the whole industry development to cope with competitive pressure of foreign manufacturers , the most important issue facing the domestic mining machinery industry , widely used in the production of the major Sunaba processing .
In the process of industrialization ,  Sand Crusher , service areas, including the two aspects of the infrastructure , there must be a big development , which is the historical opportunity of the mining equipment industry . Of mining machinery, equipment, scientific and technological base is not thick, since the reform and opening up the field of mining equipment has been the main way in the market for technology as raise the level of product technology , will also face foreign competitors , especially foreign competitors do in the domestic investment the grim situation of the plant .
The demand for sand and gravel mining market competition there are certain adverse factors , you want to sand making equipment to create a good space for development, the mining industry should be honest and pragmatic, responsible for the interests of consumers , should do the right products and services one-stop , always for the customer, the investor should believe that government efforts to crack down on unauthorized dredging acquisition willing to invest in courage cooperation and promote the economic development of the gravel raw material market . 
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