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> Yifan Heavy Crusher force again for the processing and utilization of renewable resources

Yifan Heavy Crusher force again for the processing and utilization of renewable resources

Zhengzhou Yifan Heavy Machinery Co. , Ltd. is a professional mining broken , building sand plants , high-tech production enterprise of the industrial milling equipment . Realization of R & D, manufacturing , sales and after-sales service as a whole . The company mainly produces crushing, sand , more than 60 models of the three series of milling equipment , and is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials , coal, refractory materials , ceramics and other industries . To learn from foreign advanced technology on the basis of optimized design , to create a hard rock counterattack crusher , jaw crusher , sand making as the core crushing and screening equipment , the domestic and international construction industry , as well as high-grade railway Highway pillar equipment.Advanced technology , scientific management system , products, strict quality base point, and strive to become mill crusher sand making the best screening equipment maker .

Different industries, different uses have different requirements for the chemical composition of limestone , the large amount of limestone cement, flux , and chemical industries , generally require a higher CaO content ( ≥ 45% ) , low impurity content . Limestone is an important industrial raw materials for metallurgy, building materials , chemical industry, light industry, construction , agriculture, plastics, rubber , paper making , environmental protection and other special industrial sectors . According to their chemical composition , the content of harmful impurities and minerals physical properties of different , widely used in different industries . Due to chemical reaction with dephosphorization and desulfurization , used as a flux in steel and aluminum industries , the oil industry as a purifying agent in the sugar industry .

A long time, in the limestone mining and use of the extensive mode of growth , the formation of the unreasonable layout of a mining enterprise , resulting in the contradiction between the geological environment and resource development have become increasingly prominent , resulting in natural resources, topography, vegetation , land , atmosphere the destruction of many parts of the hidden dangers of landslides and other geological disasters . Mining environmental problems caused by the limestone mining is mainly concentrated in the northern mountains and piedmont green belt, the performance of the collapse, landslides, mudslides and other geological disasters caused by open-pit mining , the surface landscape , vegetation, land resources, destruction of mine ecological damage , as well as mining , cement production mining environment pollution caused by the residue exhaust gas , etc.
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