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Sand the technology industry new signs Yifan innovative technology achievements

According to the effective Sand plant device statistics , as of 2011 , China has hundreds of artificial sand production enterprises , engaged in the artificial sand processing equipment , the number of full more than 100,000 . Like other industries in the sand plant and gravel industry , artificial sand is also the phenomenon of uneven quality . This initiated a technical challenge, the level of technological innovation of the sand making machine manufacturers , new signs of sand making machine technology industry , Yifan Heavy Industries, the effectiveness of high innovative technology , compared with similar products more innovative .

The quality of the production of sand and gravel in the past less than the very high standards , which are two reasons the one hand , it was thought to only play a role in filling sand and gravel in the concrete , the severity of more cement on the tradition of the people familiar with the existence of bias . On the other hand people gravel grasp of the technology is limited, broken equipment and the efficiency of the sand system equipment specifications of the required standard . With the continuous introduction of technology and improved production of sand and gravel sand making equipment can reach quite to the standard , already meet the standards of the contemporary construction of demand and demand . The efficient production of the sand making equipment must make aggregates production line to produce more prevalent and more popular .

Sand making equipment in the work need to pay attention to the Sand transmission Triangle belt tensioning size should be adjusted as appropriate to ensure that the triangle belt force average , dual - motor drive , both sides of the triangle tape should be grouped matching , then its each group length as much as possible . Schedule downtime to open the observation of the door to observe the the Sand internal wear . Wear and tear should be timely replacement or repair to replace the wear block should be replaced at the same time to ensure that the wear blocks weigh the same .

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