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> Mining blasting should pay attention to what issues ?

Mining blasting should pay attention to what issues ?

Mining has become a hot industry and mining equipment  Sand Maker with the rise of this trend into the warm winter , but with the strict limits of the state mines , small- medium-sized enterprises that had just begun to start their own technology attention. We all know that the exploitation of the mine must be blasting this step , the rich experience of large - scale production of the blasting summed up his own set of theories , newly recruited companies , mining blasting should be noted that what issues ?

The Sand Maker plant Yifan Heavy machinery mining field trips come to the following precautions : First, check the roof and exposed ore body should be fully charge . If pumice timely manner; blasting the face near the sidewalk should be set up signs and alert . BLASTING volume, shall be air shock wave safe distance alert . Second, we must strictly enforce the drilling blasting instructions , installed the provisions of the drug , filling and detonating sequence , blasting the network have to check in advance ;
Blasting heat or spontaneous combustion of deposit , should take measures to prevent early burst . Furthermore, is blasting should be in a timely manner will face polluted air emissions out polluted air row can not afford not to enter the face work ; each into the face amount of explosives to be pre-planned , not in the face residual if the surplus should be returned to the depots , and shall not be stored elsewhere .

The above points are blasting safety issues , life safety is the guarantee of all production must be in safe operating environment so that we can to the production to be effective , the last hope for operating construction must be in strict accordance with the blasting standards and principles of the national production production safety, the interests of dual- income .

Mineral processing industry in the future development potential is huge, the Yifan Heavy Machinery in the production and operation of mineral processing equipment strictly in accordance with the national mineral processing equipment production standards , and actively develop safe mining standards for the business to carry out supervision and management . The face of the ever expanding market demand , professional , warm , open , and the integrity of the Heng looking forward to the choice of our customers , and always ready to provide you with the most dedicated service .

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