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How to choose the stone production equipment

Sand Maker plant production equipment to do , after the customers have , the Yifan Heavy Machinery in the sales of stone production line , a problem that many customers in the purchase of stone production line do not know how to integrate configuration of the machinery . Mining machinery and equipment prices are relatively high , the procurement of machinery and equipment can not well be used , its main advantage , it will bring to the enterprise 's direct economic loss .

Yifan Heavy machinery used in Sand Maker product line and the majority of enterprises are consistent with the working principle is mainly used in transportation equipment, stone transport to a vibrating feeder , vibrating feeder to the stone evenly fed the jaw crusher , jaw crusher after the initial crusher , and then transmitted to the sand making machine , after sand sent to the shaker , were screened into different size , and then transferred to sand washing machine can wash the sand after the finished sand . Processing needs of different customers , but also equipped with a cone crusher , dust removal equipment . That for a lot of stones factory or quarry , eager to configure a set of stone production line equipment , and how to configure it ?

(1), according to the type and hardness of the stone mining , the bluestone or limestone or granite . In general, the Mohs hardness of 7 is considered a hardness of rock . Bluestone , limestone , hardness is small and brittle , broken this equipment does not require high iron crusher board hammer or hammer high manganese steel can , this equipment jaw crusher , counter crusher and hammer crusher . Such as granite, basalt stone , you must use the high- iron , because of the high - iron material crusher flexibility , abrasion high manganese , so that would save manpower save time , save money , so equipment cone crusher and impact crusher .

(2) , to see production , production be regarded as small and medium-sized less than 100 tons of stone production line . The general configuration as follows: 3895 +57 jaw crusher feeder +1010 crusher +1848 or 1548 shaker , sieve layer configuration according to the material requirements . The higher yield , relatively stone - hard , then you can consider using the cone crusher and crusher used together to achieve production . Of course , this is just reference, according to the topography of the factories and mines or require flexible configuration . Situation according to the customer production , such as the need to introduce new products to its customers , to the clients to explain the pros and cons , and ultimately refer to the views of customers .

Stone production line as a major use of tools in the mining business , only a high degree of automation , high productivity , low operating costs, production , income , finished stones uniform particle size , grain shape is good , in line with the national high-speed material requirements in order to customers bring intuitive economic benefits . The Yifan Heavy Machinery stone production line with its high energy yield, quality performance, excellent service has won the trust of many businesses in the market .

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