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> Sand Maker quality service has won a good reputation

Sand Maker quality service has won a good reputation

Yifan Machinery is a professional mine crushing plant ( crusher ) , building sand ( sand making machine) , industrial milling equipment ( mill ), high-tech manufacturing enterprise in China . Innovative product design , the grinding rate and energy consumption savings compared with similar products with innovative , metallurgical industry and the best equipment for a variety of mineral grinding .

Sand the whirl crushing chamber is composed of upper and lower two cylinders . Eddy crushing cavity can reside materials, formed materials lining material of the crushing process in the eddy crushing cavity , whirl crushing chamber wall separated by the material lining the crushing effect of the crushing effect is limited to materials wear play the role of self- lined . Eddy crushing cavity is also installed in the observation hole , it is observed that the emission mouth impeller wear block and whirl crushing chamber at the top of the liner wear , metallurgy rotary kiln must observe the hole to seal tightly closed .

Sand palnt Sand gear you can use a single motor drive dual motor drive can also be used . Motor is installed on both sides of the spindle assembly , the motor through triangle pulley and spindle pulley connected to the spindle on both sides of the force balance , does not produce additional torque . Sand the sub- feeder diversion of materials for the container , it can be part of the material through the center of the feeding tube directly into the impeller was gradually accelerated to higher speed projectiles out , so that another part of the material feed tube from the center of the lateral into the whirl of broken cavity impeller outside, be ejected from the impeller speed material impact crusher .

Yifan Machinery new Sand palnt intelligent digital eco- mining machinery, since the market has to sell one of its influence will be the local expansion of a "good quality, good service , high capacity " good reputation among customers , in Guangxi, Xinjiang , Chengdu , Russia, Dubai , Malaysia , Bolivia and other countries and regions are subject to the praise of users !

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