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> Increasing the production capacity of sand maker to promote upgrading of an industrial structure

Increasing the production capacity of sand maker to promote upgrading of an industrial structure

     Industrial structure problem is the urgent solved problem during the process of Chinese new industrialization. If only depend on the adjustment of sand maker, it will take long time to realize and can not meet the demand of realizing the new industrialization. So the adjustment of industry structure need the help of government.
    The main function of government to realize the supervision of promoting the sand maker new industrialization. It mainly presents to provide unified, open, competitive and orderly market system. So market method can optimal configurate the resources that new industrialization need and provide better condition to promote new industrialization. If there is no government's effective market supervision, the unordered competition,forged and fake commodity and market segmentation will appear. These situation will block the new industrialization.
    YIFAN sand maker adopt new design, compact structure to make iniform size. Sand maker has both crushing and shaping . Many new technology and new technology can make sand maker be used in highway, high-speed railway, high building, municipal, concrete mixing station to provide high quality sand aggregate.

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