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> YIFAN Professionally built economic and practical sand maker for dry mortar industry

YIFAN Professionally built economic and practical sand maker for dry mortar industry

    In recently years, with the overall developing of infrastructure construction, the need for sand materials is more and more. After many years mining, many places' natural sand materias is great short, even comes to dry up. In this situation, developing sand maker is the must to replace the natural sands.
    Manufactured sands is the choosed pebble, pebbles, limestone, granite, mineral raw materials, etc crushed by crushers, sand maker. Compared with natural sands, manufactured sands is more uniform and stable, grain shape is better, more uniform graded matching coefficient, dry mortar, concrete mixing plant, highway, railway, water conservancy projects such as the use of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate.
    In the manufacrured sands production line, new type sand maker is used in the last step to fine crush and shaping.It is not only big capacity, but also has the good shaping efficient. Sand maker is the necessary equipment to produce manufactured sands.
    At present Zhengzhou YIFAN sand maker is successfully used in sand making line in Shandong, Shanxi, zhejiang, guangdong, guangxi, fujian, shaanxi, gansu, jiangsu, sichuan, guizhou, and other areas, it makes up for the shortage of natural sand resources gap.


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