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Sand Maker gradually toward intelligent

Yifan Festival Sand manufacturers machines to share a "Sand development of five important factors " society gradually from the development of agriculture is gradually increased to the direction of development of industries , our sand making machine , with the development of industrial machinery , its technology is also constantly enhance the level of the Sand with high performance , high reliability, handsome in appearance , reached the international level of similar products . Into the industrial era , to become the mainstream of scientific and technological development of intelligent development . I believe I had the level of the sand making industry in the coming decades will reach the world's leading .

Sand making machine is widely used, its performance has reached international advanced level , is the most effective, most practical and reliable , the crushing of materials broken equipment broken equipment , especially suitable for the production of abrasives, refractories, cement , metallurgy slag , quartz sand , iron ore , river gravel , limestone , concrete aggregate , asphalt aggregate , stone, plastic and other materials crushing and broken , is a high-energy and low consumption lithotripsy ( plastic ) , sand making equipment . As the stand rotary crusher has a unique "rock stone " principle , it has broad prospects in the mechanism of sand and gravel industry .

Yifan Heavy Sand in the same industry leading position in advanced technology , the quality of quality assurance, the credibility of the sand and gravel production industry production equipment , not only used in many domestic sand and gravel production lines in foreign countries have applications in many large engineering product line , effective protection of aggregates supply construction projects , also contributed to the vigorous development of the domestic and international sand and gravel industry .

With the advances in information technology , and promoting unmanned mining technology from the existing , traditional mining process automation , auto- mining or remote mining to advanced sensors and inspection and monitoring system , intelligent mining equipment , high - speed digital communications network , the new mining development process and integrated into the main technical features " no mine" . Sand is expected to enter the era of the fully automated .

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