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Sand Maker new technologies beneficial to the environment

Civilization in the 21st century, the arrival of the century , more and more people joined the ranks of the protection of the environment , recently , also has promulgated many policies for environmental protection , in the sense enough to show the degree of attention of the national environmental protection in order to ensure national environmental policy can be implemented into practice , the industry is actively developing new environmentally friendly products to replace old-fashioned products , Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery for environmental improvement , this one also introduced a new environmental conservationSand plant , Sand of R & D design for the amount of environmental policy the tailor was well received by markets around the world love .

Sand as the construction of sand ,Sand Maker,Sand Maker plant,Sand Crusher, gravel hit the sand of special equipment, indispensable in artificial sand . Si Feida latest new improved Sand Sand pebbles , perlite , sand making machine , granite , sand making machine , energy efficient fine crusher sand making equipment equipment . All kinds of rocks , sand and gravel made ??of various size of the building with sand , particle size uniformity , high compressive strength and purity , free of impurities . In fact , the gravel is out of the sand making machine manufacturing , the commonly used raw material is limestone, river gravel ( pebbles ) .

The cobblestone Sand is a production of construction sand , stone equipment . Sandy uniform particle size , high compressive strength than the natural sand , sand hammer to break the production more in line with the high standards of building sand requirements ; it is a feeder, jaw crusher , new sand making machine , heavy vibration sieve and efficient washing sand , and the belt is connected to a line . The production line uses high-speed rotation thrown round stone throw line speed of 76m / s , and collision resistant liner , forming a stone at the stone, the stone blacksmith 's crushing principle . The material to ensure that the entire process smooth and reliable operation , high efficiency energy-saving 50% energy than conventional equipment .

Environmental protection , energy saving and the development of production must adhere to the principle of the mining machinery industry is no exception tailor environmental policy in the importance of sand and gravel production equipment , Yifan Machinery R & D design of the new environmentally friendly Sand , sand the equipment is very popular on the market ! new Sand is a unique rotor structure design , the process of wear-resistant materials , broken speed optimization and hydraulic design of the perfect combination of professional crushing combination of technology and machinery perfect example of new technologies , new processes the full expression . As in the previous section we talked about " Sand, making equipment , how to effectively weathered sand optimization is also true for the infrastructure essential to the Sand !

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