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> Sand maker has made great achievements in innovation and reformation

Sand maker has made great achievements in innovation and reformation

     Zhengzhou YIFAN  sand maker's sales volume keeps increasing in the market, but YIFAN is afraid to relax, it constantly researches and innovates.
     High-tech update the development rapidly, sand maker keeps innovating in technology. Government issued policy is important to let people to be able to life of abundance and well-being and the development of new rural reconstruction are continuing. YIFAN sand maker try their best to research new equipment in order to reach the demand of government. The third generation sand maker owns high level of production technology. It can not only crush and process pebble ore, granite and other hard materials,but also can reuse construction waste, tailings discarded materials to make sand.To save energy and protect the environment security, greatly accelerate the new rural development pace.
    YIFAN sand maker does the best in processing strong hardness stones, it can be used for housing reconstruction bridge, highway, railway construction, water conservancy and other large engineering projects. The device by application of production quality, concrete material has paved the way for the new rural construction, such as velocity to speed up to promote the rural economy, increase farmers' income, become the hot sales products in the market, and promote the pace of industrial development in our country. All these achievements made from the innovation and reformation of YIFAN.


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