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Sand development of five important factors

Front Sand Maker plant Yifan Machinery to share theSand Makersand problem optimization, this section to share theSand Maker development of the five common factors :

(1) the composition of the materials ,
Sand before the material containing the powder , the more the more influence the sand , because the powder easy adhesion of delivery . Therefore, the powder content of the materials in advance should a sieve .

(2) the hardness of the material .
The harder the material system sand Maker is more difficult , and the more serious wear and tear on the equipment . Slow sand , of course, the ability of the sand . This requires us to moderate in the material of choice .

(3) materials, humidity,
Materials containing water is large , the material in the brand Sand content easy adhesion , but also easy to transport process in the next material to plug , resulting in the ability to sand decreases . The solution to this problem , first of all materials selected is necessary to strictly control the temperature of the material , if the temperature of the selected material is too large , sunshine or dried can be used to reduce the percentage of moisture in materials .

(4) sand material fineness
Fineness requirements , which requires finer sand materials , the ability of the smaller sand . In this regard depends on the Concentrator specific requirements , such as no special requirements, the general fineness of the material based system for the fine can be .

(5) the viscosity of the material .
That is, the greater the viscosity of the material , the more likely adhesion . The viscosity of the material in the licensing Sand will adhere to the inner wall of the sand chamber , if not promptly clean up license Sand will seriously affect the work efficiency, but also seriously affect the normal work of the licensing Sand . Therefore , the choice of materials , be sure to pay attention to the viscosity of the material can not be too much .

The above is a summary of five sand making machine manufacturers Yifan Machinery Sand development , only if we understand the nature of the problem we have been able to make our sand making machine to the limit .

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