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> New type sand maker has more and more influence in solid waste disposal

New type sand maker has more and more influence in solid waste disposal

      Promotion of technology must be accompanied by the enhanced functions. It provides more choices for device applications. For sand maker,new application of new sand maker is the most important.The most crucial is the solid waste disposal in the great influence.
      Solid waste is complicated, the shape, structure, properties differ greatly.Its greatest feature is the large volume,composition is complex and uneven, So as to reach the purpose of reducing processing of solid waste, resource and harmless. Crushing of solid waste is very important,In this part, the new sand maker exhibits excellent levels than other similar devices,won many customers.
      In the way of solid waste treatment disposaled by sand maker, Zhenghzou YIFAN VI series of new sand maker to remove all the obstacles for it. The series of new sand maker in the overall performance in the last step.The treatment efficiency of solid waste to further improve. And after this series sand maker is widely applied, due to the improvement in the environmental protection aspect,Treatment of the consumed energy is greatly reduced, and respond to the call of the national construction of a conservation-oriented society.

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