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> The coming out of sand plant is significant

The coming out of sand plant is significant

      How to disposal construction waste? It is the main problem of stopping the national economy fast development.
     At present, our country each year the number of construction waste produce roughly about 150000 tons, and the number of construction waste generated in the increase year by year, China's construction garbage disposal methods mostly based on pile up or landfill way, not only take up a lot of land, and there are potential safety hazard, building garbage can't effectively solve. So as to cause serious environmental pollution, form permanent harm.Zhengzhou YiFan machinery for construction waste processing, research and development to produce construction waste crushing equipment--sand plant, for the processing of construction waste "custom".Sand plant is characterized by small volume, light weight, walk agile etc, can according to customer requirements, regulate the sand plant configuration, in order to reach the highest utilization rate. The use of sand plant of construction waste recycling processing and use, to improve the economic benefit and environmental benefit.Sand plant is flesible and easy to operate, save a lot of installation time, can according to customer needs, optional regulating equipment, construction waste crushing operation. Construction waste resource utilization of renewable building materials, can save a lot of natural resources, as the subgrade materials, irrigation and drainage engineering, basic road construction engineering, etc.Sand plant can make construction waste reuse, after the equipment after processing, construction waste recycling utilization rate can be as high as 95%, can be fully utilized, and can also take to this, in this.
    YIFAN focus on research and improve sand plant, make its in use performance more agile, more outstanding quality, in order to reach the highest utilization rate.

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