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Building garbage aggregate equipment for sand plant

   The architectural garbage production regenerated aggregate is one of the main ways of building garbage recycling. Make building garbage after preliminary cleaning, sorting out recycling of steel and wood, again masonry, cement concrete block break into aggregate, after screening, to remove impurities, forming a certain particle size requirements of the building materials raw materials.Zhengzhou YIFAN sand plant as one part of resource utilization ecological core technology,about 500000 cubic meters of construction wastes and waste in road engineering to transformation application for construction waste resource recycling played a model role.
    In recent years,some national government,academy and farsighted enterprises gradually awared that Scientific disposal and comprehensive utilization of the construction waste to save the resources, purifying environment, and beautify the importance of city, and at the same time, aware of the potential market prospect, one after another, to carry out the construction waste resource recycling technology research and application practice, and has obtained some achievements.
    After many years of researching about sand plant,Now YIFAN already has a mature construction waste resource utilization results, can be made of construction waste road structure layer materials, wall material, municipal facilities and so on the new environmental protection and energy saving products used in city construction, and has been the production and application.In addition, by tongji university, Shanghai building material industry design and research institute, and other units of construction building materials industry technological innovation alliance, has also developed a closed module section construction garbage disposal regenerated aggregate recovery system, explore solve building MSW purification technology, large-scale technology, environmental protection technology three technical bottleneck, realized the construction waste years processing capacity of 1 million tons.
     According to different process,sand plant can be divided into tracked sand plant and wheeled sand plant.First put on the market in China products are tracked sand plant, with several international brand tracked sand plant as a representative, the broken technology and quality is advanced, and can be used for rock and ore, block the road asphalt concrete, demolished buildings cement concrete material crushing recycling.

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