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Sand plant helps product environmental protection bricks

   Building garbage has become the city's a large pollution sources, seriously affecting the urban people's quality of life and health of body and mind,in order to solve the great problem, Zhengzhou YIFAN researched sand plant. According to national industrial policies and related industry experts market adjust into a draw, the finished construction waste through construction waste disposal equipment can be made environmental protection from burning circulation regeneration bricks.
    Along with the our country city and countryside integration development, urban and rural demolition and reconstruction task is very great, building garbage disposal has become many cities problems needed to resolve, construction waste brick is cement, crushing screening of construction waste as the main raw material, adding a small amount of sand and fly ash production of construction garbage standard bricks.Construction waste disposal equipment can be divided into: sand plant and fixed crushers.What kind of treatment equipment should be used according to the actual situation to carry on the inspection.Regeneration bricks produced after sand plant can solve the problem of municipal pollution,save a lot of land and energy for the city. Energy saving and waste, save resources, protect the environment effect, is a green building materials products.
    Construction waste disposaled by sand plant can make the following products:
Standard Brick:Lightweight high strength, durability good characteristic, is a kind of alternative solid clay brick of new wall materials.
Typhlosolis brick: Currently widely used in indoor or outdoor and various public places.
Lawn brick:The construction waste made of recycled aggregates and products, strong light, and ease of installation.
   Zhengzhou YIFAN is the professional construction waste disposal equipment manufacturer, mobile sand plant and fixed crushing station can be widely used in each big urban and rural building garbage disposal.Welcome to the company to choose and buy.


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