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YIFAN sand plant creates world brand

    In resent years,in many mining machinery products, sand plant become the most increase products.The domestic large and small mining machinery manufacturers the mobile crushing station as a breakthrough,they have increase investment and the research and development dynamics,stepping into mobile crushers field.
    At present in the middle of the urbanization level is relatively low, to achieve 48% of the urbanization rate, means that real estate, infrastructure construction pace of urbanization must speed up. Urbanization speeding up construction will pull in the middle of the industrialization process, as the infrastructure of the important application of processing equipment - crusher will directly benefit. According to statistics, in the middle of the urbanization level is only 40.3%, if you want to achieve the urbanization level of 48% in 2015, people to the housing, transportation, and comprehensive infrastructure demand will increase, will increase directly to the needs of the application, the crushing machinery equipment needs constitute a long-term bullish.
     Sand plant is new generation crusher which is researched and developed by YIFAN engineer, strong mobility,low material handling cost, operation effect directly and effectively, the combination of the flexible, strong adaptability, reliable performance, easy maintenance and so on features.At same time,in the rising of central, China bring good opportunity, YiFan sand plant go to world brand bravely.

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