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Common Sense for Maintenance of sand plant equipment

The advent of the sand plant equipment promoted the rapid development of sand industry. With the development of technology, there are more and more sand plant equipment with many models and varieties. However, a lot of problems appear in the project. The technical staff in YIFAN will analysize the common sense for the maintenance of the sand plant equipment for the customers based on the feedback of the customers.

1.You should regularly stop to open the observation door to observe the internal wearing situation of the sand plant equipment and the degree of wear of the center feed tube, cone hat, the impeller, liner, circular shield and the wearing block. They should be promptly replaced or repaired to ensure that the weight of the wear blocks is the same. You must not open the observation door to observe the inner working situation of the sand plant equipment in the working process to avoid danger. If you find that the impeller body wears, you should timely find the sand plant equipment manufacturers for replacement and patches.

2.The tension of the transmission triangle belt should be adjusted as appropriate as possible to ensure the uniform force of the triangular tape. When the two-motor drives, both sides of the triangle tape should be grouped matching to make the length of each group is different as much as possible. The difference of the current of the motor should be adjusted not to exceed 15A.

3.The sand plant equipment uses the Mobil automotive grease. The right amount of grease should be added every 400 hours. Open the sand plant equipment bearing spindle to clean the bearing every 2000 hour.

4.The top of the spindle is the sand plant equipment swimming side and the bottom bearing is the fixed end. In the running process of the sand plant equipment, you should pay special attention to the safe production because it is a high-speed device. The relevant personnel should stay away from the equipment, and the sand plant equipment repair should br after the shutdown of the machine. You had better ask the professional sand plant equipment maintenance staff to help you to resolve the problems.

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